What I Ate Wednesday

In case you were wondering what I ate today, I’m here to share it. If you weren’t wondering, (which is probably the case), well, here we are. Just kidding. This post is designed for ideas about what to eat. I often find myself having no idea what to eat, feeling like I eat the same thing over & over & over.

My goal was to take pictures of all my food, but I’m a little disorganized sometimes. I’d actually lose my head if it wasn’t attached to my body, true statement. So instead I’ll share as much as possible about my day.


Coffee, sausage links w/one over medium egg.
As soon as I was up, my first thing is coffee. One cup of coffee, one Splenda packet, and a splash of Oat Milk.
I did manage to try some Organic Breakfast Chicken Sausage links this morning. I’m usually not a fan of any type of sausage links, but your girl here is also up for a deal at the grocery story and these were on sale. I also just don’t typically enjoy sausage links, they have too much of a maple flavor for me. But these were rather delicious along with my over medium egg.
Sorry, no picture of this, I’m rather grumpy in the mornings (before coffee) and once I broke my egg yolk in the skillet, I was not okay with taking a picture.


Leftover Maple Dijon Sausage & Veggies
These leftovers are the best. I started following a blog called What Molly Made when I did my clean eating last year. I made her Maple Dijon Sausage & Veggies and absolutely cannot stop talking about it or eating it. My husband even made it at the firehouse and it was a hit there. Such a great recipe! Heres the picture before we dug in.


Grilled chicken & veggies
With the weather changing, our grill is starting to get its use. Not sure if other people feel this way, but food is so much better cooked on the grill. Tonight, Craig prepared sweet potatoes, asparagus, and chicken breast for the grill. Simple seasonings for the vegetables, salt, pepper & garlic. He seasoned the chicken breasts with a Spiceology seasoning & it was delicious.

That is it for me for the day. One note, we DID NOT finish all that asparagus. That was A LOT.
I always start with eating my vegetables before the rest of my food. It’s really helped my vegetable intake.

Hopefully you’re mid week went over good. We are halfway through the work week y’all! Looking forward to the weekend and warmer weather.

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