Random Friday

Happy Friday everyone. Thank goodness it’s finally here. After a long work week, I am READY for this weekend and hope to enjoy the beautiful weather here.

I don’t have any true recipes today or pictures. My kiddo isn’t feeling great so I wasn’t quite focused on pictures of food. Tonight our dinner consisted of left over pulled pork on tostadas. It’s one of my favorite ways to eat left over pulled pork.

We just get those pre-made tostado shells, slab some refried beans on the shells, then the pork. On top we crumble some queso fresco cheese and bake it all for about 15 minutes. Not the healthiest, but easy enough for an evening spent with a sick kid.

Oh I didn’t mention, the best part was the Green Chili Jam we put on top of the tostadas after we pulled them out of the oven. It’s this great jam we discovered in 2019 at a Food & Wine festival we attended in Louisville. This restaraunt Merle’s Whiskey Kitchen was offering some little tacos with this nasty looking green stuff ontop. I was not into trying it, but Craig grabbed one so I sucked it up and tried one. Guys. It was the best little taco I’d ever had and the green chili jam on top was to DIE for. We immediately bought some from them and continue to buy little jars of the jam for our pork, tacos, salads, and so much more.

Anyway , sorry I got way off topic about some green jam. It’s just so good (all natural & gluten free too).

My biggest tip, take it slow. If you’re wanting to start eating healthy, start slow. It’s taken me a really long time to get to the point I’m at today with eating a lot healthier. I’m not a huge fan of just going cold turkey on things. I just think it leads to craving that item so bad you end up breaking and divulging into that again. Now I’ve had a few items that I have completely cut out “cold turkey” style. But that was because of health/tummy issues I was experiencing and just did a process of elimiantion to get rid of things to see what made me feel better.

Once I quit putting so much “yucky” food into my body, the better I started feeling. Now when I have fried food, fast food, even dairy, it almost makes me feel bloated or just yuck. Don’t get me wrong, I still chow down on some french fries, or ice cream, just not as often as I used to.

I try to go by a 90% good food & 10% crap food philosphy. The one day a week bad food, cheat day, thing doesn’t really work for me. Not sure why, but I just feel so restricted.

I hope this helps someone out. Let me know what items you want out of your food. Or throw out any food you have planned for this weekend! I’m all about sharing different foods & ideas!

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