Friday Fun Facts

1. It’s Friday. That’s a fact Jack! The weekend is here thank goodness.

2. I am a huge ice cream lover. It’s probably my favorite dessert of all time. And I’m a simple ice cream kind of gal. I love vanilla with sprinkles or chocolate chips. So I finally bought myself an ice cream maker. Bought it for my online baking class I’m in, but now that I’ve figured out how to make it. I’m going to try for some healthier ice cream recipes.

3. I’m growing a vegetable garden this year, I started one last year but this year I’ve added another raised bed. I’m super excited. Last night was the first time we’ve been able to eat something straight from the garden. We used the romaine lettuce I grew. (Had no luck with lettuce last year.)

Peek at that beautiful lettuce.

4. Thank goodness for coffee this week as well. My daughters allergies were going crazy & on top of that had a cold. She then gave her cold to us. I lucked out only getting a sore throat, so I non stop drank hot coffee to help! I am loving my coffee with 1 Splenda packet & a splash of oat milk for creamer.

5. It’s going to be hot here this weekend. Our only plans are a birthday party tomorrow & enjoying the sprinklers and new kiddie pool we bought. not sure about food this weekend.

6. Anyone out there reading this? Let me know if you have any fun plans or any recipes you’re looking for on here! Maybe I can use that to motivate myself for cooking this weekend.

On that note. Enjoy this short post, have a wonderful weekend!

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