Our Version Of Jambalaya

First disclaimer: If anyone has had real authentic southern Jambalya, I apologize. We may be botching this entire recipe. Craig introduced me to Jambalaya a couple years ago. It was another one of those recipes that I shuttered at. Vegetables, tomatoes, rice, chicken, andouille sausage, did I mention the onions & peppers. I was completelyContinue reading “Our Version Of Jambalaya”

Friday Fun Facts

1. It’s Friday. That’s a fact Jack! The weekend is here thank goodness. 2. I am a huge ice cream lover. It’s probably my favorite dessert of all time. And I’m a simple ice cream kind of gal. I love vanilla with sprinkles or chocolate chips. So I finally bought myself an ice cream maker.Continue reading “Friday Fun Facts”

Random Friday

Happy Friday everyone. Thank goodness it’s finally here. After a long work week, I am READY for this weekend and hope to enjoy the beautiful weather here. I don’t have any true recipes today or pictures. My kiddo isn’t feeling great so I wasn’t quite focused on pictures of food. Tonight our dinner consisted ofContinue reading “Random Friday”

What I Ate Wednesday

In case you were wondering what I ate today, I’m here to share it. If you weren’t wondering, (which is probably the case), well, here we are. Just kidding. This post is designed for ideas about what to eat. I often find myself having no idea what to eat, feeling like I eat the sameContinue reading “What I Ate Wednesday”

Potato Soup

I grew up as the kid who hardly ate anything. If it wasn’t chicken nuggets, hamburger (ketchup only), or ice cream, I probably wasn’t eating it. As a teenager, I began broading my horizons, bacon cheese fries drenched in ranch, buffalo chicken wraps, soaked in ranch and all the french fries in the world. ItContinue reading “Potato Soup”


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